Life-Changing Story of a Pakistani from Carpenter to Fashion Model in Saudi Arabia

When life changes turn, it changes whole the things around. Some people stand lucky in it, while some face more challenges and difficulties. It’s part of life and no one could predict his future. But some life-changing stories always keep us hopeful and motivated for a better time ahead. Recently, the story of a Pakistani Carpenter Waqas passed through my eyes. Who’s life has opened the gate of new opportunities.

Mr. Waqas is 24 years old good looking young man from Pakistan. He was working in Saudi Arabia as a carpenter for the last 4 years. But now, he is no more a carpenter and has been hired as a Fashion Model in Saudi Arabia. All that happened suddenly but it was his childhood dream to become a model one day. So his luck turned the game and his life dreams come true. To be honest it feels me pretty good to share such kind of real-life stories.

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Waqas shared his views in an interview with Where he said “I came to Saudi Arabia four years ago to work as a carpenter. And I never thought of becoming a model in advertising. ” One day his Photographer Friend (Faisal) was editing some pictures. He shared his life dreams with him saying that he also wants to be a fashion model but could not get a chance in the industries of Pakistan. Faisal in return took his picture in a professional way.

He shared that picture with related people in the advertising & fashion industry. His picture got a good reach on Social Media, where thousands of people including the fashion companies saw that picture. So as a result some companies and brands contacted him for doing modeling. He accepted the offer and fulfilled the needed formalities of agreement. From that day, his childhood dream comes true and he has now started his career as a fashion model. We wish him the best of luck for the successful career ahead.

If you have life-changing stories, do share with us we would publish them on our platform as a source of inspiration and motivation for others. Stay tuned with Maticstoday for more updates and news on a daily basis.

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