The Smart Desk Lamp You Can Buy This Year

Desk or Table Lamp still owns a valuable existence as a lighting gadget in our home and workplace. But with more advanced and tremendous upgrades, as now we can call a traditional desk lamp a smart desk lamp. These desk lamps are available in both wired and wireless form, have USB fast charging support, LED lights, adjustable positions, and many other features.

So among the several, everybody wants to choose the best. Best in terms of brand, specification, features, and price range. But due to lack of time or information, some people don’t go into deep before buying a product. Here, the real role of Maticstoday takes start, our team time to time review different products & gadgets for our readers. Just read, choose, and place order for the one you want to buy.

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Smart Desk Lamp 2020

1: COZOO LED Desk Lamp

When you will come to know about the tremendous features of Cozo wired LED Desk Lamp. It will be hard for you to ignore it. That’s why I thought to place it on number Ist in the list.

Cozoo manufactured this futuristic lamp offering multiple functionalities. Like adjustable brightness in 3 modes, 3 USB charging ports operating on 5V/4.5A, and 2 AC power outlets.

Moreover, there is a 60 minutes timer and touch control system in this smart lamp. You can adjust the position of lamp according to your comfort level. The company also included eye protection features to avoid the direct impact of LED lights on eyes.

So overall, whether you are reading writing, or just relaxing, Cozoo LED Desk Lamp can serve you pretty well.


  • Decent Design
  • 600 LM Brightness
  • USB Charging Ports
  • AC Power Outlets
  • Eye Protection
  • Adjustable Positions
  • Quality LED Lights


  • Not that Extra Bright

2: Hokone LED Desk Lamp

It’s absolutely a great idea to clamp the lamp on the table side for a more stronger grip. While the Hokone LED Lamp features this quality as it is a gooseneck lamp with 360 degrees flexible neck angles.

Apart from that, the lamp’s lighting quality is pretty decent. It contains 90 LEDs along with 3 color modes (touch-controlled) and 10 brightness levels. There is also an inclusion of soft light without a flicker to keep your eyes protected from harmful impact.

If we talk about the clamp material, it is made up of metal and silicone pads are also attached to serve as scratch-resistant stuff. So don’t worry, it will not leave any scratch on your table.


  • Gooseneck Lamp
  • Flexible Neck
  • Space Friendly
  • 10 Brightness Levels
  • 3000-6000k Color Temperature


  • Power Button Issue (Rare)

3: COZOO Smart RGB Desk Lamp

If you are a gaming enthusiast, then Cozoo RGB Lamp will easily make a place on your gaming table. Otherwise, it is also suitable to use at home or the workplace as a smart table lamp.

Cozoo RGB lamp features 3 USB charging ports, 2 AC power outlets, and quality lights with adjustable brightness levels. Moreover, there is support for a Bluetooth connection, along with a mobile application to sync RGB colors according to music sound.

Another notable point of this smart desk lamp is its covering material which is a fireproof plastic shaded with fabrics. You will rarely find this fireproof feature in other desk lamps. So overall, this combination of RGB colored lamp is a decent option to go with.


  • Mobile Application
  • RGB Features
  • Fireproof Plastic
  • Fast Charging USB Ports
  • Music Synced RGB


  • No Multiple Colors Configuration

4: XZN LED Wireless Lamp 

This desk lamp made by XZN is unique looking among the other wireless charging lamps. It also features an LCD screen that displays time, date, alarm, and, temperature.

Moreover, there includes a QI wireless charger at the bottom of this lamp. You can charge your wireless charging supported phones over it. Not only that, but it also offers a USB charging port.

The Control system of this lamp is operating on a touch system while the lamp offers 3 color modes and 5 brightness levels. Like the other desk lamps of today’s list. This lamp also provides eye caring protection as it is anti-glare & anti-flicker.


  • Foldable Lamp
  • Eyes Protection
  • Wireless Charging Support
  • LCD Screen
  • 3000K-4500K-6000K Brightness Mode


  • LCD Options Setting

5: AUKEY Smart Table Lamp

AUKEY Smart Table Lamp
View on Amazon

This small smart desk lamp is a close friend of Alexa & Google Home. You can integrate its settings with both of them to feature the voice enabled commands.

Using Aukey’s mobile application you can control each of every functionality of lamp from your smartphone. As it provides various lighting modes relevant to reading, writing, sleeping, and romance.

Its memory storage option keeps the record of previously used lighting mode. So it will be easy to set them for the next time accordingly.

As a conclusion, Aukey Smart Lamp is a great option for your living or bedroom to use with full ease under your finger control.


  • Compatible Alexa & Google Home
  • WiFi
  • Mobile Application
  • Several Lighting Mode
  • Bunch of Colors


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