Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Revealed during a Commercial in Oscars

Finally, we got something official after a bunch of rumors we have seen and discussed before. Last night, Samsung aired a commercial of Galaxy Z Flip during the Oscars 2020. This 28 seconds commercial lefts viewers totally surprised to see Z Flip official for the first time. Moreover, Samsung’s 11th Unpacked Event is just 2 days away where the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20’s and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be announced.

As usual, Samsung took full advantage of Oscars, by revealing a teaser just before the Unpacked Event. This surely created more hype for the Samsung fans to know more about Flipping beauty. As the commercial was not mentioned with any official name for the phone. But it is expected to be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Keeping in mind that commercial, let’s just move towards the more detail of the Galaxy Flip.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip:

Well, we got some notable points from the commercial to discuss. One is a new video calling feature allowing the user to half-flip the device (at 90 degrees angle) during video calls. While the other notable thing is it’s 1.1 inches of outer display that shows calls notification for answering or rejecting the calls with a slide feature.

Other than that, we can see a text line saying “You may notice a small crease in the center of the main screen, which is a natural characteristic of the screen“. Indicating that the phone will not be folded totally flat as we have seen in Motorola Razr, instead, it will have a little crease which is just a normal feature of the display.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Expected Specs:

Following are some expected specs of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, detailed specs will be updated soon

ModelGalaxy Z Flip
Display 6.7 Inches Dynamic AMOLED
ProcessorSnapdragon 855 Plus
Camera 12 MP Dual, Normal & Ultra Wide
Batteries 3300 mAh
ColorsPurple, Black
Expected Price$1,500

Final Thoughts

I left this portion pending until the hands on experience of this new beauty by Samsung. I am expecting something bigger from Unpacked Event 2020. This new entry is expected to grow more as compared to the previous Galaxy Fold device. 5G support, unfortunately, is not included in Z Flip, I don’t know why but the rest of the other things seems to be great in it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip