Dry Eyes.? Check out the Following Home Remedies

God has gifted humans with the most important organs & we can consider eyes one among them. Eyes help has to see the world around us having beautiful colors & faces. While if there is any problem with the eyes, it may affect the quality of life in a bad way. Like other body diseases, there are also various eye diseases, Dry Eyes is also a disease amongst them. In other words, this disease is also known as Dry Eye Syndrome.

According to the research of American Journal of Ophthalmology, Dry Eye Syndrome affects millions of Americans every year. This disease is expected to cross the graph of 29 million until the year 2022. While impact ratio depends on age factors too. Back in the year 2012, about 16.4 million (6.8%) adults were affected with dry eyes. You should not compromise on health, but most cases of dry eyes may be solved with just by Home Remedies.

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Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes Home Remedies


  • Low amount of tears lubrication
  • Burning Sensation & redness of eyes
  • Blurred Vision
  • Difficulty while driving, especially motorbike
  • Automatic closing of eyes in sunlight


  • Age – More than 45 years
  • Weather Changes & Pollution
  • Excessive Drugs
  • Excessive use of Mobiles/TV’s/Computers
  • Certain Medicines especially antidepressant
  • Low Vitamins (E, C, B6 & B9)

Home Remedies

  • Try to wash eyes with clean & cold water several times a day
  • Blinking more than normal can also ease eyes from dryness
  • Add meals to list having sufficient vitamins
  • Give your eyes rest from TV, Mobile, and Computer Screens.
  • Stop drugs like Smoking & Alcohol
  • Drink sufficient amount of water
  • Wear sunglasses when in an outdoor environment
  • Take a good sleep to keep eyes relaxed

If these remedies don’t work for you, make an appointment with your eyes specialist on priority bases. Otherwise, dry eyes may lead to eyes infection. Which in return could damage your vision points. I hope you like the post and found it informative. Do share the topic in your social circle and leave feedback for me in the comment section below. Stay in touch with us for more related topics on a daily basis.