Indian Cybersecurity Firm Spied on High Profile People for 7 Years

It’s pretty shocking to hear that a company remained involved in unethical activities for 7 long years. Yup, New Delhi based cybersecurity firm “BellTroX InfoTech Services” spied on thousands of high profile people.

3 former employees of BellTroX claimed this news with several evidences and proofs. Later on, Citizen Lab (Watchdog Group) confirmed the news. This Cybersecurity Firm was having hundred of clients to provide their services.

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The firm’s main target was high profile people, like Politicians, Judges, Multi-Millionaire Gamblers, Lawyers, and Investors. Not only from India, but from different countries. Client identity is still unknown, but they were against each other in the rivalry.

You would be amazed to know that, Firm’s main target was some people belonging to the US. While the US Law Enforcement Agency has now taken a notice towards this matter for further investigation.

Moreover, US Agency has also contacted the Indian Government to assist and take necessary action against BellTroX CEO Sumit Gupta. Keep in mind that Sumit Gupta is already wanted in a list of U.S. Justice Department in charge of some unethical hacking.

Ex-Employees further claimed that Cybersecurity Firm sent thousands of malicious notification to victims for tracking their private information. Like Passwords, Messages, Images, and Videos.

Their tricks were to send notifications about Facebook Logins, Graphical Content and Subscription Notifications form Pornography Websites etc. These tricks can surely attract the attention of user to find what’s going on.

CEO Sumit Gupta Denied all Allegations

CEO Sumit Gupta in response to all these allegations said that “I didn’t help them access anything, I just helped them with downloading the mails and they provided me all the details,” he told Reuters. “I am not aware how they got these details but I was just helping them with the technical support.”

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