Nigar Johar Khan is now the First Female Lieutenant General of Pakistan Army

Throughout these years, the Pakistan Army has produced million of extraordinary minds. They all are serving the nation in various departments just for the sake of the Green Flag. Nigar Johar Khan is one among them who has been promoted to Lieutenant General Rank now.

On specialization side, Nigar has been appointed as Surgeon General. It’s the first time in history of Pakistan Army that a Female reaches this rank. This is absolutely a great ever achievement for the Pak Army as well as people of Pakistan. Have a look at ISPR confirmation in this tweet,

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Who is Nigar Johar Khan.?

Lt. Gen. Nigar Johar basically belongs to Panjpeer Village, District Swabi. She completed her Graduation from Army Medical College & Masters from Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute.

Nigar’s family background also relates to Pakistan Army as her Father Colonel. Qadir & Uncle Major (R) Mohammad Aamir both served in Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Throughout her career, she remained the third female Major General of Pakistan Army. The other two were, Shahida Malik, and Shahida Badshah, belonging to the same unit (Army Medical Corps).

Apart from that, She remained Commandant of Pak-Emirates Military Hospital, Deputy Commandant of Combined Military Hospital (CMH), and Vice-Principal of Army Medical College, Rawalpindi.

That much brilliance from a woman especially in Pakistan Army no doubt deserves this all. Nigar Johar Khan has made us all proud and is a source of inspiration for other women to nourish their career dreams.

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