DDoS Attacks on ITI from Multiple Sources including India

On Monday night, multiple DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacked ITI. The attacks came from multiple sources including India. To make it simple, ITI experienced a number of DDoS attacks topping quite many gigabits per second (Gbps). Some sources familiar with the matter disclosed the news. The sources claimed that some of the attacks got solved within minutes. While others took longer to solve.

Because of the DDoS attacks on ITI, some ISPs were quite affected. Users too faced brief internet service degradation because of thee attacks. The internet services, however, were restored soon after the attack was driven back. Some of the DDoS attacks were also made on Government websites too, but they failed to gain any advantage from it. Sources say that considering the ongoing cross border tensions. It is quite likely that the attacks (done using botnets) originated from India among many other sources too.

DDoS Attacks on ITI – India Among Sources too

ITI is basically Pakistan’s major hub for managing internet traffic. The attack is a major concern for these departments because they can affect numerous ISPs and end-users. These attacks also put local users data at risk.

On the other hand, DDoS is a kind of cyber-attack. It affects the availability of a website to visitors in a process where the attackers attack a large amount of traffic using bots. Bots are software that performs tasks automatically on the internet. The sources familiar to the attack said;

DDoS Attacks on ITI

We can’t completely prevent DDoS attacks. As they are a global threat and countries around the world are working on solutions. But we can significantly reduce the risk through capacity building by enhanced access to submarine cables. And also by putting data on local internet exchanges. In this way, the data is not exposed to international threats.

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It’s certain to know that Pakistan has faced a lot of DDoS attacks on ITI and other Pakistani websites. The attackers attacking came from different parts of the world. The attacks were basically on the websites that belonged to the federal government and the security forces of Pakistan.

Via: ProPakistani