Soaptastic – A Little Kid from Lahore has Made Soaps With Gifts inside Them

Pandemic has forced the current generation to think more about the facts we haven’t focused in the Past. A venture of little Kid passed through my eyes that inspired me to write about it. 11 Years old Tayyab from Lahore has made Antibacterial Soaps called “Soaptastic” that may motivate children to wash their hands more frequently.

Well, I know you people would be thinking of what that thing could be to motivate the children for washing their hands.? So let me tell you, these hand made soaps contain toys like lion king, Justice League and Dinosaur Land, etc inside it. The more children will wash their hands, the faster they will be able to get the toy out of soap.

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Just imagine the thinking of talented Tayyab how he implemented his idea practically. He along with his siblings invested the free time pretty well in lockdown. Moreover, According to Tayyab’s Mother Samia, this team of little has donated 20% of their earning from Soaptastic to charity. I bet, she would be feeling herself really a proud mother.

These sorts of little motivations to stay cleaned & hygiene may save children from a number of dangerous diseases. Soaptastic Team is also getting a good response on Social Media platforms. I wish they got some support from soaps and detergent brands. It will motivate them to do something more amazing in the future.

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