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Best Buy Ethernet Cable in 2020 for Online Gaming

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Best Buy Ethernet Cable

Sometimes, gamers just ignore the specifications of Ethernet Cable they are going to buy. They just measure the required length and bring the cable from a nearby store. Then what happens next.? Laggy performance, frequent internet disconnection, and high ping during online games. Now, they realize the real value of Ethernet Cable, it’s quality and performance features. It’s time to return that unknown cable and to search for the best buy Ethernet Cable meeting the requirement of online gaming.

Because multiplayer/online games require an appropriate amount of internet speed. While the Ethernet Cable is the main source of transferring that speed from your modem to PC/Console/Laptop. If there is a quality drawback in your Ethernet Cable, it’s gonna mess up each and every moment of your gameplay. I bet your teammates will also blame you if they lose the game round. So, I have summed up a list of some best ethernet cables you can consider for multiplayer/online games. Let’s have a look,

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Best Buy Ethernet Cable for Gaming

NOTE: If you will buy any of below mentioned Ethernet Cable from Amazon. We will have some commission as a reward from Amazon.

1: Jadaol Cat 6 Ethernet Cable – 50 Feet

Jadaol is a reputable brand in today’s market while its Ethernet Cables offer a quality performance both for Gaming and Office use. This Ethernet Cable is a high-speed Flat Cat 6 Cable that provides network speed up to 250 MHz/10 Gbps. Cable owns Gold Plated RJ45 Connector and Conductor made of 100% Bare Copper.

Moreover, The cable is compatible to use with PC, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, Printers, Routers, PoE devices, NAS, and VoIP phones, etc. Jadaol Ethernet Cable is available in length up to 50 feet and white in color. Inside the box, you will also get the pack of 15 Cable Clips along with it.

TypeCat 6 Cable
Network SpeedUp to 250 MHz/10 Gbps
Connector RJ45 
Material100% Bare Copper 
Plating50 Micron Gold Plated


  • Flat Flexible Design
  • Usage of 100% Bare Copper
  • Spare Cable Clips


2: VANDESAIL CAT 7A Ethernet Cable – 6.5 Feet

VanDesail is the name known for its super-fast speed. While the Ethernet Cable they have manufactured is also something valuable. It is a Cat 7A cable that comes in a size of 6.5 feet. Although it’s small in length but the best option for connection at a nearby spot to the device.

VanDesail Cat 7A offers a network speed of up to 1000 MHz/10 Gbps. Similarly, the Connector of this Ethernet Cable is 24K gold plated and the cable itself is made of Oxygen-free 100% Copper. As it is type 7A, so it has a better protection material, is thinner and faster than type 7. There are rare chances that this cable will break so easily.

TypeCat 7A Cable
Network Speedup to 1000 MHz / 10 Gbps
Connector RJ45 
MaterialOxygen-free 100% Copper 
Plating24K Gold Plated


  • Latest Protection Features
  • Higher Bandwidth
  • High Quality Material


  • Not any Notable

3: Zosion Cat 8 Ethernet Cable – 100 Feet

Zosion is a famous name among the Gaming Community. While the main reason behind this is its quality performance for sure. It is a Cat 8 Type Ethernet Cable, which is more than sufficient to fulfill the requirements at a higher level. Zosion’s this cable offers a network speed of up to 2000 MHz/40 Gbps and RJ45 Gold Plated Connector.

The cable is available in a length of 100 feet and made up of oxygen-free pure copper Dual Aluminium Foil Shielding. This cable is backward compatible with CAT7/CAT6/CAT5E/5. Apart from that, it is also compatible with AI Products like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, and other Smart Products

TypeCat 8 Cable
Network Speed2000 MHz/40 Gbps
Connector RJ45 
MaterialOxygen-free Copper
PlatingGold Plated
Zosion Cat 8 Cable
Image: Amazon


  • Quality Performance
  • Solid Material


  • A bit Expensive

4: Mediabridge Ethernet Cable – 50 Feet

We can call Mediabridge Cable a best buy Ethernet Cable. It is budget-friendly as well as features quality performance. This cable is compatible with type Cat 6 and Cat 5 and Cat 5e. Moreover, offers a network speed of 550MHz/10Gbps and the connector is Gold Plated RJ45.

Apart from that, the built material of Media-bridge’s this cable is fire resistant, has 24AWG Stranded Conductors, and available in length up to 50 feet. The cable is only available in blue color and the design is a simple classic. But the way it performs under this price tag is pretty tremendous.

TypeCat 6/Cat 5e
Network Speed550MHz/10Gbps
Material 100% of Pure Copper
PlatingGold Plated


  • Solid Performance
  • Good Cable Length


  • Not any Notable

5: GLANICS Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Glanics Cat 8 Ethernet Cable is the latest one in today’s market. While the name also comes on top in the favorite ethernet cables list of gamers. It features a network speed of up to 2000MHz/40Gbps and a length of 25 feet. It is made up of 100% bare copper.

Other than that, the structure is covered with a shielded foiled twisted pair (SSTP). The connector type is a better version of RJ45. This CAT 8 cable has backward compatibility with the previous CAT7, CAT6, CAT6e, CAT5, and CAT5e cables. Best suitable for PC, Laptop, Routers, DSL, and others.

TypeCat 8
Network Speed2000MHz/40Gbps
Material 100% of Pure Copper
PlatingGold Plated
Cat 8 Cable
Image: Amazon


  • Latest Cat 8 Cable
  • Advanced Features


  • Not for Fiber-Optic Connections

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I hope you have chosen the best buy Ethernet Cable from the above-mentioned models. Do share the post in your social circle with friends and family too. If you need any other information, leave your message in the comments section below. Our team will feel happy to respond to your queries.

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