Best Smart Lock For Home/Office You Can Buy in the Year 2020

Well, if we talk about the Lock System of your home or office. It has developed a lot in recent years. Where people were using the traditional door locks, there a number of people have shifted towards smart locks. Although the basic concept of lock is still the same, but its working mechanism has been transformed into the smart category.

Because smart locks are convenient, secure, keep you updated, and have compatibility with other smart devices. Moreover, there is no headache of keys loss anymore. You just need to use your smartphone for accessing smart lock features. A number of brands are going on top in a list of smart locks category. I have chosen the best among them for today’s topic.

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Best Smart Locks

August WiFi Smart Lock

Just enter the term Smart Lock in Google, you will see August Brand appearing on top of the search list. Yup, August WiFi Smart Lock is everyone’s favorite because of its premium features. It is the 4th Generation Model and 45% smaller than the predecessors. You can even replace this smart lock with an old bolt-lock of your door.

It has pre-built WiFi, auto-detection sensors, biometric verification through your mobile phone, and easy to install procedures. When you come home, it will automatically detect you and will unlock the door. Moreover, you can also give access to other family members to open & close the lock through August Mobile App.


  • Compatible with Other Smart Devices
  • Easy to Install
  • Advanced features


  • Not Enough Battery Life
  • A bit Expensive

Schlage Sense Smart Lock

Schlage in recent years has made a great reputation in the market. While don’t just mess with Schlage Sense Smart Lock, because it’s gonna ring the alarm and you will be caught. Schlage Sense is a touch control device, that can be set up manually or directly through the mobile app. You can also set a schedule for lock timings especially Day/Night.

Apart from that, you can integrate it with Siri’s voice control to avail of the voice command operations. This Lock Device is pretty easy to install, while for WiFi accessibility you need to purchase a separate device. It will also cost you some dollars. Moreover, its mobile app is also user-friendly and have all the related features to access.


  • Compatible with Voice Features
  • Alarm System
  • Easy to Install


  • Works with iPhone Only
  • Separate Device for Remote Work
  • Expensive

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro & Wi-Fi Bridge

Well, this gadget offers a number of different and secure ways to unlock your door. Like you can use fingerprint, smartphone app, code, auto-unlock, magic shake, and a mechanical key. It means there are 6 different ways to unlock the door. Apart from that, you can also set the temporary unlock codes to give access to your incoming guests.

If you randomly press the wrong numbers to unlock the door, it will not block your access. This is a trick that can work when you don’t want someone to look at you while typing the unlock code. You can also integrate Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro with Alexa, Google Assistant, and also with IFTTT in order to use voice features. So place your order to get this tremendous and best smart lock.


  • WiFi Bridge
  • Easy Installation
  • Also works with IFTTT


  • Shake Feature unresponsive sometimes

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