Best Ring Light You Can Buy For Photography, Videos & Streaming

A single piece of Circular LED Light can really improve the overall quality of photos you shoot, videos you record, video calls, and streaming you do, etc. These multiple uses of LED Ring Lights in various categories have made the gadget pretty famous. But what about choosing the Best Ring Light.?

As the market is full of these lights manufactured by different brands. But Maticstoday is always here to solve this problem of its loyal followers. I have gathered a list of top LED Ring Lights you can buy this year. Check out the list and place your order directly from Amazon through the affiliate links.

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Best Ring Light 2020

Neewer Table Top 10-inch USB LED Ring Light

You will never regret the choice you made to go with Neewer Ring Light. Absolutely a tremendous lighting gadget you can buy for Streaming, TikTok Videos, Zoom Video Conferences, and YouTube, etc. It is a 10 inches ring light with a decent table stand (adjustable from 2.3 to 3.5 inches) and USB connection support. There are 3 color options available like Yellow, White, and White+Yellow. While if we talk about the brightness, it offers 2006lm/m and 3200k-5600k color temperature. Lights consume a lower energy level to meet the demand for energy-friendly gadgets.


  • Quality Product
  • Energy Saving Features
  • Adjustable Stand and Mobile Holder
  • Decent Lighting Quality


  • Heating Issue (Rare)

DMYCO 10″ LED Ring Light

Another light I chose as an appropriate option to go with is Dymco Ring Light. It also comes in a size of 10 inches along with 3 colors support (White, Yellow, Yellow+White) and 10 brightness levels from 0 to 100% (3300K-5500K color temperature). Apart from that, there is also a tripod stand & phone holder which features 360 degrees of rotation. There is USB connection support to power up the lights with no battery option included. I will definitely recommend it to TikTokers, Youtubers, Selfie Lovers, Photographers, and Videographers, etc.


  • Tremendous Lighting Quality
  • 360 Degree Phone Clamp
  • Multiple Usage Support


  • Phone Holder Adjustment

JAOXISOU Video Conference Ring Light

Well, the company made this ring light specifically for video conferences, remote works, and video calls through Zoom, Skype, and others. It is a small LED Ring Light (6.3″) that comes with a clamp to adjust it over the laptop screen or LED monitor screen. The clamp does not leave any scratch or spot over the surface of the screen border. While the build material used in this lighting gadget is aluminum and metal. There are 3 color options (White, Yellow White+Yellow), 10 Brightness levels from 0 to 100% along with the color temperature of the range 3200K (Warm) – 5600K (Cool). On the connectivity side, you will have to power it up through a USB port.


  • Strong Build Quality
  • Anti-Scratch Clamps
  • Great Level of Brightness


  • Turns off When You Low the Brightness

Gemwon Ring Light

A best buy Ring Light for taking photos and recording videos. Yup, Gemwon has included various premium features in this light. It comes in 6 inches of size along with 3 color options (White, Yellow, White+Yellow) and 10 brightness levels that range from 0 to 100%. The company uses SMD technology in lights that doubles the beauty and clarity of the face. Its base stand is compatible with various surfaces while the holder offers 360 degrees of rotation. Similarly, there is USB connection support to power and charge this light. So overall, it is an energy-saving gadget along with a number of decent features.


  • Best Price to Performance
  • SMD Technology
  • Energy Saving Features
  • High Brightness Level


  • No User Manual

NovoLido 2 in 1

NovoLido launches 2 in 1 gadget that serves us as a Light and Desk Lamp. These dual features along with some advanced functionalities have made the product top on list. It offer 10.2″ of size with a high brightness lever and stand adjustment in between 5.9″ to 9.8″. A Bluetooth remote control device is also part of inbox accessories. There is 3 color support that is white, yellow and white+yellow in this great lighting gadget. While if we talk about the brightness level it varies from 0 to 100 with 10 adjustment options and 3200K to 6500K color temperature.


  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • 2 in 1 Feature
  • Premium Lighting Features


  • Not any Notable

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