Android Bloatware – More than 50 Companies contact Google against it

If you own an Android Phone, you may have experienced seeing a bunch of pre installed apps on it. These apps are known as Bloatware, while a user has no access to delete or remove them on its own. Furthermore, Android Bloatware is not limited to the apps only. It also eats a portion of phone’s memory and collects personal data whether you use or use them not. Like access to location, calls, messages, and data of IDs on the user’s phone.

This Bloatware is part of several Android Phones for more than a decade. While now, a number of organizations seem to be active on a single page against it. More than 50 Organizations have written an open letter to Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai for implementing new policies regarding these apps. Which must bound the manufacturers to exclude such a wastage from phones. Let’s check out the internal details of this open letter by organizations.

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Android Bloatware

Why Android Bloatware must be Removed.?

Signees of the open letter mentioned that the personal information collected by pre installed apps is against the rights of user’s privacy. Because bloatware is gathering this data on some advanced level than the other apps without any prior permission. Other than that a large percentage of apps among them are not even available on Google Play Store. Which might be a concerning situation for Organization’s confidential data. They also said that,

“These pre-installed apps can have privileged custom permissions that let them operate outside the Android security model,”


Android Bloatware may contain malware, viruses and security bugs. Because they don’t pass the screening test of the Play Store. This might leave a user totally at the risk of loosing personal information, in case he is using a cheap android phone. Google must take a solid stance against this cheap act by phone manufacturers. Because a privacy concern can badly damage the reputation of a brand, if not controlled on time.

Signees Demand for New Rules

The following 3 rules are demanded by Signees in an Open Letter

  • Users should have access to remove, delete or uninstall the pre installed apps on phone.
  • Pre Install apps must pass through the screening process of the Google Play Store.
  • As privacy security, Pre Installed apps must be updated through Play Store without a user account.
Android Bloatware

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List of Organizations

Below is the list of Organizations standing with Privacy International in the campaign against Android Bloatware

  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • Afghanistan Journalists Center
  • Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain
  • Amnesty International
  • Asociación por los Derechos Civiles
  • Association for Progressive Communications
  • The Association for Technology and Internet
  • Association of Caribbean Media Workers
  • Australian Privacy Foundation
  • Center for Digital Democracy
  • Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law
  • Citizen D
  • Civil Liberties Union for Europe
  • Coding Rights
  • Consumer Association the Quality of Life-EKPIZO
  • Datos Protegidos
  • Digital Rights Foundation
  • Douwe Korff, Emeritus Professor of International Law, London Metropolitan University and Associate of the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Forbrukerrådet // Norwegian Consumer Council
  • Foundation for Media Alternatives
  • Free Media Movement
  • Freedom Forum
  • Gulf Centre for Human Rights
  • Hiperderecho
  • Homo Digitalis
  • IJC Moldova
  • Initiative for Freedom of Expression- Turkey
  • Irish Council for Civil Liberties
  • Media Foundation for West Africa
  • The Media Institute of Southern Africa
  • Media Policy and Democracy Project (University of Johannesburg)
  • (MPI) Media Policy Institute
  • Media Watch
  • Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society
  • Open Rights Group
  • Palestinian Center For Development & Media Freedoms
  • Panoptykon
  • Paradigm Initiative
  • PEN Canada
  • Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA)
  • Privacy International
  • Public Citizen
  • Red en Defensa de los Derechos Digitales
  • Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression
  • The Danish Consumer Council
  • The Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy
  • The Tor Project
  • Unwanted Witness

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