Best iPhone 12 Covers & Cases You can Buy This Year

In this post, I have reviewed a detailed list of the best Back Covers and Cases for iPhone 12. Order link for each product is also mentioned below the model. If you will make any purchase through the affiliate link. We earn some percentage of commission from Amazon.

In my previous post, I have covered the topic of best Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro. While today, I decided to write on the best back covers and cases for the same models. As we all know that iPhone 12 is the latest and premium device launched by Apple ever.

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So choosing a quality back cover is a bit difficult as it’s gonna safeguard your expensive device from damage. In this regard, Maticstoday is always on the front line to provide the best product variety along with honest reviews. Let’s check out the list of best back covers for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro.

iPhone 12 Back Covers & Cases

1: Aeska Ultra iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Case

Aeska Ultra is a quality phone cover made up of silicon. It offers extra flexibility, slim in structure, and also avoids bubble creation with its special dot pattern. Compatible with both the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

If we talk about the other features, it is scratch resistant as well as a shock absorbent. This means that case will provide an extra percentage of protection to your phone in case it falls down on a hard surface.

Moreover, the positioning and placement of the buttons layer in this cover case are totally accurate. There will be no kind of issues in accessing these buttons like power, volume, charging port, and headphone jack.


  • Affordable
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Shock Absorbent
  • Slim and Flexible


  • Small Dots Appears on the Case (Depends on Weather)

2: SupCase Unicorn Beetle Case for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro

Well, You can consider SupCase Unicorn Beetle among the list of best iPhone 12 Covers & Cases. The cover is compatible with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

Quality of built material is tremendous, provides scratch-resistant, and shock absorbent features. Side bumps are made in such a way that provides full protection to the phone if it falls down.

Apart from that, bezels are also angled pretty well as it does not have any conflict with the phone’s sensors. Similarly, you can do wireless charging (MagSafe) too without any issue.


  • Reputable Brand
  • MagSafe Wireless Charging
  • Fully Shock Absorbent
  • Fully Scratch Resistant
  • Easy Access to Ports and Buttons
  • Easy to Install


  • Phone Cover Too Thick

3: Incipio Duo Case iPhone 12 & 12 Pro

Incipio always manufactures its products in a unique way than others. The brand focuses on each and everything like design, quality, and durability. This duo case is compatible with iPhone 12 & 12 Pro.

If we talk about features, Incipio will surely impress you. It offers 12 feet drop protection (impact strut protection), thick bezels on edges to protect the display, scratch-resistant, and germs protection on the case body.

Although the case has duo body protection, but still it supports wireless charging and MagSafe charging. So overall, you can call this case the best among others iPhone 12 covers and cases.


  • Duo Case
  • Drop Protection
  • Germs Protection
  • Strut Protection
  • Quality Built Material


  • Buttons Pressing Issue

4: Speck iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Cover & Case

This case manufactured by Speck (Gemshell) seems like a silicon case but is covered with a dual-layer of crystal clear protection. Which provides extra safety to your iPhone.

The case is compatible with both the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. It can bear various drops, provides display damage protection through thick bezels, and features wireless charging support without any problem.

Apart from that, the case also provides Microbial Protection from germs. It gives a premium feel in hand with its clean and clear looks as well as a strong grip while handling in hands.


  • Microbial Protection
  • MagSafe/Wireless Charging
  • Drop Protection
  • Crystal Clear


  • Not any Notable

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So that was some related variety about the best covers & cases for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. If you liked this post, do share it in your social circle with others. For getting more updates on a daily basis, stay tuned with Maticstoday.