League of Legends Wild Rift Coming to Mobile & Consoles.

League of Legends has turned 10 years old and its anniversary was not just a celebration. Riot Games also shared some best future plans of launching this wonderfull MOBA game on both the Smartphones and Consoles. This new version on other platforms will be “League of Legends Wild Rift“. In the last few years, the trend of gaming on smartphones has increased rapidly and for sure Riot Games don’t want to miss its contribution to this trend.

League of Legend is basically a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game which was launched back in 2009 by Riot Games. Riot Games is an American Game Developing Company that also has the honor of organizing Esports Events. This game got much fame in some previous years as the most played Pc game with over 100 million active players per month. While now Wild Rift will be a polished form of League of Legends on Mobile/Consoles.

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What’s new in League of Legends Wild Rift:

Wild Rift is expected to be released somewhere in 2020 while it’s beta version will be launched soon at the end of this year. Users can pre-register themselves here for early access to the beta version of the game. Wild Rift will be available free to download on Mobiles, Tablets and Console Platforms.

Riot Games stated that Wild Rift will not be exactly the same as League of Legends on PC. They have implemented some major changes as per circumstances. Wild Rift may be considered as a modified form of the old League of Legends. There are certain changes in the map, battle duration, user interface, and ranking criteria, etc.

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Other than that, Wild Rift will feature a new control system based on touch and tap mechanism compatible with mobiles and consoles. The average match duration is also reduced from 30 plus minutes to only 15 minutes. Players may experience an overall environment a bit different than the predecessor.

Riot Games are also working to make the possibility of crossplay between Smartphone & Console Gamers. While there will be no crossplay between Pc and other platforms. Pc Players will get rewards and bonuses in return upon try of Wild Rift version.

So, the consequences here are pending until the final release of League of Legends Wild Rift. Will they be able to continue ahead with the same fame they have on the PC version.? It’s early to say because there is already a tough competition between Game Titles on Mobile Platform. PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile games are going on top in the smartphone catalog.

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Here is the video trailer of Wild Rift.

Courtesy: WadaGames

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